Simply call for a fast, free estimate. We will ask what your goal is for the stump area, this dictates how far below ground level we should grind. Standard is 6-8 inches. A deeper grind is usually required when replanting a tree nearby or when landscaping in the area. 

Once we agree on a price for the service, we will call 811 to have the underground utilities marked to ensure safe digging and schedule a time for us to come do the job. 

We don't ask for any payment until the job is done to full satisfaction and you can pay by card, cash, or check.

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all Suburbs

We provide fast service, quality work, and affordable prices. We are fully insured.


We call 811 (free service) to locate all underground utilities prior to stump grinding to prevent any dangerous or costly accidents from happening. 



Grinding stumps is all we do. We are professionals and have ground out thousands of stumps. We have plenty of references and our work is fully guaranteed.

Professional Equipment 

We own the best machines in the industry, designed for both residential and commercial use with minimal lawn damage and can handle any size tree stump!

Safety First

Fast, Quality, Affordable


​​Full Service- Grind stump(s), haul away stump grindings, add black topsoil to stump hole

Grind and Go- This is the most cost effective option. Hire us to come in and grind your stump(s) and we will leave the pile of grindings for you to clean up (great for mulch).